The team


Eric Goubault de Brugière


Cécile's husband, he organizes all the work of the property.


For the breeding part: supervision of the animals, feeding, haying, calving..


For the vineyard, which represents the majority of his time: pruning, trimming, treatment, harvest.


You will also find him at the tasting since he makes himself available to welcome you.







Cécile Goubault de Brugière



Eric's wife, she's the manager of the estate and the initiator of the creation of the winery in 2000.


She intervenes at the time of the grape harvests for the vinifications, the wine maturation until the bottleling.


You will find her to welcome you during your scheduled visists. 


Camille Goubault de Brugière


Our daughter is passionate about horse riding, she's also our ambassador in the Allier area where she works.

Amélie Goubault de Brugière


Our eldest daughter, between work and family, does not hesitate to promote the family estate in the Loire Valley.