Tuquet Monceau staff


Eric Goubault de Brugière


Husband of Cecilia, Eric organises the work of the farm.


For the livestock: keeping an eye on the animals, their food, hay, calving ...


For the vines, which takes the majority of his time: pruning, suckering, trimming, processing, harvesting.


You will also find him on tasting visits as he makes himself available to welcome you. 


Cécile Goubault de Brugière


Wife of Eric, operations manager and initiator of the new winery built in 2000.



She is the key person at harvest, winemaking, maturation and bottling.


She is responsible for the commercial development of the wines.



Gérad Pêcher


For 7 years he has accompanied Eric in all the tasks of the agricultural and viticultural operations.