Tuquet Monceau wines

Bergerac Rouge fûts de chêne 2010

The deep colour is dominated by shades of ruby. The nose is intense and complex with vanilla and coconut notes combining with black fruit and spices. On the palate it is powerful and balanced.



Bergerac Rouge 2012

A bright ruby colour wine with a complex nose of cherries and dried fruit. On the palate it offers a harmonious balance of round and velvety tannins and a hint of acidity that gives it a nice long finish.


Silver Medal concours vins aquitaine 2013



Bergerac Rosé 2012

A beautiful pastel pink colour offering beautiful complexity with notes of caramel and a hint of melon. The palate is lively and pleasant with a nice balance offering good length of the fruit flavours. 



Montravel dry white 2012

A beautiful pale yellow wine with green hues and a nose of great finesse, fruity and floral with notes of acacia.

The palate begins with a nice fruity touch supported by vivacity and evolves to offer roundness while keeping the freshness.

Harmony and elegance remain in the long fruity finish.




Latest :

Château Tuquet Monceau 2012 – Bergerac rouge  médaille argent concours vins aquitaine 2013

Château Tuquet Monceau 2010 – Montravel blanc sec  1 étoile guide hachette 2012  p. 915

Château Tuquet Monceau 2010 – Montravel blanc sec 15.5/20 RVF 2012 p. 319


CHATEAU LE TUQUET  2000, Médaille de Bronze au Challenge International en 2001

LA FLEUR CHAMPAUDE 2000, Médaille d’Or au Challenge International en 2002

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2000 Fût de chêne, Médaille d’argent Vignerons Indépendants 2002, Citation Guide Hachette 2003

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2001 Fût de chêne, Médaille de Bronze Bordeaux 2002

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2002, Montravel, Médaille d’argent Bordeaux 2003

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2003, Montravel , citation Guide Hachette 2005

LA FLEUR CHAMPAUDE 2002, citation Guide Hachette 2005

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2004, Montravel, médaille de Bronze Bordeaux 2005, citation Guide Hachette 2006

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2003, Fût de chêne, Médaille d’argent Bordeaux 2005

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2005, Montravel, Médaille d’Or Vignerons Indépendants 2006

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2004 , Fût de Chêne , Médaille d’Or, Bordeaux 2006

CHATEAU TUQUET MONCEAU 2006 , Cuvée des Demoiselles, 1 étoile Guide Hachette 2009